Encapsulation of Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are often dark and wet and can contain mold and other contaminants. Up to 50% of the air in your home can enter from this area meaning these contaminants can easily enter your home through the crawl space. This can lead to poor air quality, living conditions, and structural issues in your home. Encapsulation of crawl spaces keeps out the moisture, improves air quality within your home, and can help save on energy costs. Brightest Solar in Charleston, South Carolina, can help you with all of your crawl space encapsulation needs or answer any questions you may have about the process.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation essentially involves completely sealing off a crawl space with a vapor barrier and conditioning the air in the crawl space. People often confuse sealing a crawl space with encapsulating a crawl space. Sealing a crawl space may only refer to covering the ground and a few inches up the wall and ignoring the conditioning of air. Full encapsulation involves sealing the floor, walls, ceiling, all vents, gaps, and openings. Insulation is added to create a thermal barrier and as mentioned above, the air in the crawl space is conditioned using a dehumidifier, or air from an HVAC system or exhaust fan.

Simple sealing methods may not provide you with the results you are looking for. A sealed floor can prevent moisture from coming up from the ground, but humid outdoor air can still enter the crawl space. A dehumidifier is also ineffective in an area when humid outdoor air can enter. By completely encapsulating the crawl space, you are able to create a moisture-free environment, providing protection from contaminants, and improving the quality of air throughout your home.

Do You Need Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Moisture in your crawl space can cause a number of issues throughout your home and the damp air seeps up through the floor and into living areas. Some of the most common issues are:

  • Mold
  • Expensive cooling costs
  • Problems with bugs and insects
  • Damp insulation
  • Flooring issues

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you may be having an issue with moisture in your crawl space. Brightest Solar can evaluate your home and your crawl space and help you determine if crawl space encapsulation is the right choice.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

The benefits of encapsulating a crawl spare are often quite significant, especially if you are experiencing major issues from crawl space moisture. Once a crawl space is properly encapsulated, you will notice benefits such as:

  • Improved air quality throughout your home
  • Absence of mold and other contaminants
  • Fewer bugs and insects
  • Improved durability of flooring, HVAC equipment, insulation, walls, and windows.

Crawl space encapsulation can be an excellent investment for problematic crawl spaces. If you are experiencing issues in your home that you think may be related to crawl space moisture, contact Brightest Solar in Charleston, South Carolina for an evaluation. We will help you determine if crawl space encapsulation is the best choice for your home.